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Holistic financial planning

We take an all-inclusive approach to financial planning, and a financial plan contains an appraisal of:

  • Your current financial position,
  • What you would like your future financial situation to look like, and
  • A recommended strategy with the steps required in order to achieve these goals with a high degree of probability.

We believe that financial planning entails an examination of all aspects of your personal circumstances and wealth management. Our financial planning process, therefore, takes a holistic view of your financial well-being, as opposed to a disjointed approach that risks dealing with issues independently, and ignoring the interrelated consequences of decisions made in isolation. The objective of our process is to produce a financial plan based upon clearly defined financial goals. This provides a framework for decision-making by developing:

  • An appropriate investment strategy,
  • A risk management plan, and
  • A succession plan

We refer to these as the pillars of our holistic financial planning process.

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